Albuquerque, New Mexico: ADC LTD NM has announced that Paul A. Baca has joined ADC LTD NM as the Chief Operations Officer effective October 2nd, 2023.

Mr. Baca will be joining ADC LTD NM from Valley Improvement Association, where he was the former President, CEO for Thirteen years. Baca will be bringing his experience in executive leadership, lead operations and strategic direction to ADC LTD NM to assist in the execution of the ADC business strategy. He also has over 40 years of business experience as a business owner and business manager.

Additionally, Baca’s experiences that will benefit ADC LTD NM moving forward include:

  • Business Development: During his time at Valley Improvement Association he led a focused initiative to improve stakeholder/government relations and partnerships between the Association and relevant parties (elected officials, tribal and land grant leaders, non-profit executives, business leaders, etc.
  • Finance: Within his first 5-months at Valley Improvement Association he presented an opportunity that generated financial stability to a failing organization.
  • Marketing: In 2019, Baca Ran grassroots campaign for the NM Senate District 29. In his business, he learned how to effectively connect with customers and compete effectively.

“I have been given an entrepreneurial spirit and gravitate towards finding opportunities to enhance companies.” Baca says.

“Paul is a good blend of the owners. He has a combination of each of our characteristics.” Says the owners of ADC.

About ADC: ADC LTD NM is the GOLD STANDARD in the security industry. ADC has been providing background checks for the Government for over 30 years and is now providing this top quality service to private businesses and working towards Securing our Nation’s Integrity.