ADC Careers

"Our management team treats all of our employees and clients like family."​​

Work-Life Balance

Coordinate your work schedule by fitting your hours into our core hours of operation.

We are a family-owned business who understands the value of maintaining a work-life balance.  We have placed an emphasis on creating an environment where our co-worker family members have the ability to choose how to equally prioritize the demands of their career here at ADC and the demands of their personal life.


ADC will set you up with all that you will need to work and succeed in your career at ADC while working within your own environment. 


Combine a remote and on-site schedule that will flow with your everyday demands in life. Hybrid work opportunities are available within Albuquerque.


You are more than welcome to join us onsite in Albuquerque where we have a secure facility to provide essential support in a traditional work environment. 

Core Values

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At ADC we value our co-worker family members and compliment them for their achievements. Our show of gratitude comes in many forms all year round. 

Career Growth

At ADC we take time to mentor and support your journey towards your big-picture career vision. We give you confidence in your job duties by providing you with training and guidance, moving you adequately into opportunities for internal promotions. 


Feel secure in knowing that the opportunity to save up for that big purchase, vacation or life need is available at ADC. Here at ADC we encourage you to take advantage of time and a half pay for supporting us by working for more time than your devoted work schedule. 

Be the shield

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ADC runs on a culture that empowers individuals. Employees are challenged to take initiative and responsibility at all levels.

Embedded from the founder’s soft approach to management and cutting the reins loose so employees may maximize their full potential, is still to this day, how ADC has created a genuinely happy work environment. An environment were employees naturally become rooted and grow within their career. 

Every employee becomes a part of the ADC family.

Contract Investigator

The 1099-Contract Investigator is responsible for conducting federal background investigations on a contract basis in direct support of national security and suitability investigations.

Contract Investigator conduct fieldwork, including interviews and retrieval of records, to produce reports of investigations. They will travel within a specific geographic area but will have the opportunities for investigations outside of their area. 

Security Officers

Security Officers perform security patrols on the premises to prevent and detect signs of intrusion and ensure security of doors, window and gates. 

Security Officers must be able to remain on post for a minimum of four hours. They will answer to all alarms and investigation disturbances.

Behind the Scenes

Help protect our Nation from behind the scenes. A PSID (Personnel Security Investigations Division) employee regularly works in a telework office setting, working on a computer and using the phone. They are an important part in preparing the investigation case studies and compiling Background Investigations. 

There are many roles and opportunities for career growth within our PSID department.

Corporate Office

Working within the ADC corporate office includes different seniority levels of employees, each working together to achieve the company’s business goal of “Protecting our Nation’s Integrity”. Opportunities of career growth are found within all departments such as, Investigations, Training, Compliance, Finance, Facilities, Human Resources, Information Technology, Marketing.

We are always looking for individuals who have a “Make it happen” personality and drive. 


ADC LTD NM offers a variety of benefits allowing you the opportunity to customize a benefits package that meets your personal needs. 

While the company intends to maintain these employee benefits, it reserves the right to modify, amend or terminate these benefits at any time and for any reason.