successfully competing Nationwide

"What matters in life are the intensity, integrity and courage one brings to one's efforts." 

grateful for the journey

A message from the Founder, Art D. Cordova

I could not have imagined thirty-years ago that a small cadre of dedicated people would one day develop a small company into a full-blown and modern one that successfully competes nationwide.  As the years have passed, I learned that time passes, truly leaves nothing too long but the unclear impressions of one’s past. But we still abide by those core values that we practiced. Let me enumerate them: A trust in God; thinking with vitality, elegance and setting a high bar; keeping in mind that business is a dog-eat-dog situation, we tamed the dog; we have kept that fire in our bellies going; we challenged the status quo; never gave up; invented a better mouse trap; listened to our inner voices; followed our intuitions; challenged convention; weighed advice from others; took calculated risks; did not write checks we could not back and did not compromise our principles. 

Current Recognition

President, Brenda Cordova-Busick