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On The Fly to Charismatic Leader

By Oscar S. Ramirez, PHD

This is not solely a biography of Arthur Donald Cordova Jr. who refused to be relegated to a marginal position within our society or imprisoned by what people think. This book is an insight into his thinking processes, how he grew up in Jarales, New Mexico, how his indwelling values, indominable guts (Elan Vital), panache and passion set him apart from others to found, develop and lead one of the largest security companies in the United States. Without doubt, he has stood the test of time! He proved himself to be strong and vital not only in defying all challenges but succeeded as a business entrepreneur, family man and community leader. He has well represented the spirit-of-time, that is, what it takes to be human.

A quick read on how a charismatic approach, insight, courage and ambition led to the development of one of the largest private securities companies in the United States.