government background investigations

Security through knowledge.

uncovering the truth

Our investigative process is so thorough it reliably uncovers what applicants may have tried to hide.

Investigations are conducted by experienced investigators who are able to locate and obtain the information needed to complete each investigation. This information is collected through general inquiries, records reviews, source interviews, discovery of derogatory information and full-issue resolution.

If you are contacted by an ADC investigator conducting work on behalf of the federal government, you may contact the ADC Clearance Department at 505-265-8971 or to verify their identity.

We provide you the support of services that are unparalleled in our industry.

ADC Investigators speak to a variety of people and make every effort to interview the most knowledgeable sources – colleagues, friends, family – and combines this with researching deeply into their records to discover the truth about one’s past.
We hold a high value in good preparation, in-depth investigation, and ultimately, the privacy of the information obtained, and continue to be the industry leader by evolving our systems and processes to remain the best in service delivery.

Investigation Process

The mission begins with developing a full understanding of what your internal goal is and what you need to cross-reference, discover and/or be reassured of.
The case is then sent to our Processing Team to outline the investigation’s elements: the who, what, when and where for our investigators to obtain the information, you need.
The Investigation is backed with several quality checks and cross-references before it is finalized.