True Blue Americans

More than 1800 experienced ADC LTD NM investigators and 500 employees working to secure the Nation's integrity.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

“We have been blessed to live with God’s love in a country where one is born equal no matter how one looks on the outside. Undeniably, struggles often times appear insurmountable. What matters in life are the intensity, integrity and courage one brings to one’s efforts.”

~ Arthur Cordova

“We believe in the United States and are very, very proud of the Americans. We are proud that we are able to provide a service that helps keep Americans safe. This is very important to us.”

~ Brenda Cordova-Busick
Executive Vice President

“We treat our customers as family, we treat our staff as family; those are the strengths that have helped grow ADC.”

~ A. Jerome Cordova
Vice President of Physical Security

“The safety of the people and security of property shall be at the highest regard.”

~ Phillip Cordova
Vice President of Human Resources

“The passion that we have is working with people and developing people to have opportunities to grow and create careers for themselves.”

~ Judy Cordova-Romero
Chief Operations Officer

“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”

~ Paul A, Baca
Chief Information and Chief Security Officer

“Information Technology (IT) Security continues to, and will always be, a core directive for ADC. ADC puts IT Security first in everything we do.”

~ Michael Maxwell

Paul Baca (left) and ADC LTD NM Founder Arthur Cordova (right).


Mr. Baca has joined ADC LTD NM from Valley Improvement Association, where he was the former President, CEO for Thirteen years. Baca will be bringing his experience in executive leadership, lead operations and strategic direction to ADC LTD NM to assist in the implementation of the ADC business strategy. He also has over 40 years of business experience as a business owner and business manager.

“I have been given an entrepreneurial spirit and gravitate towards finding opportunities to enhance companies.” Baca says.

“Paul is a good blend of the owners. He has a combination of each of our characteristics.” Says the owners of ADC.