securing our nation's integrity

Providing our clients with an unparalleled service in an effort to build a secure nation for all Americans.


Securing FAA Sites

ADC has gone above and beyond contract requirements in handling emergencies and responding to levels of alert by providing extra guards we keep on-call.

Security Officers - Case Study

Under this most recent of five contracts with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) – from 1987 to the present – ADC LTD NM has provided three shifts of armed Security Officers for Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCC) on a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week basis. ADC has furnished all cleared personnel, equipment, supplies, uniforms, training and certification, weapons and ammunition, and supervision needed to perform the security services required by the FAA.

ADC’s personnel monitor and control access to the ARTCCs, issue parking permits and visitor passes, and patrol the facilities and its premises. They also escort visitors, delivery truck drivers, and contractor and maintenance personnel into the facility. Security officers who escort visitors into the facility remain with them until they are released to the appropriate badged FAA official, or they exit the premises. Only cleared and properly authorized persons are allowed to enter where the air controllers work. Our Security Officers make rounds throughout the FAA facility, checking for vaults or doors not properly closed, turning off electrical appliances, and checking and restocking first aid kits. They check all facility fencing and report any signs of attempted intrusion, suspicious objects, or vehicles left unattended in adjoining residential neighborhoods. In addition, ADC Security Officers may conduct vehicle inspections. All packages delivered to this facility are inspected and screened before they are forwarded to the addressee. ADC Security Officers have escorted FAA employees out of the ARTCCs upon request by FAA officials.


securing 24/7

Security Officers who, on a daily basis, screen approximately 4,000 people.

Security Officers - Case Study

Since 2002, ADC LTD NM provides Security Officers services at the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court, which is New Mexico’s largest and busiest courthouse. ADC maintains a staff of 28 uniformed Security Officers who, on a daily basis, screen approximately 4,000 people entering the courthouse to attend hearings or transact other court business. The Security Officers also provide building, grounds, and parking lot security, as well as protection for judges, court staff, visiting dignitaries, attorneys, elected officials, and courtroom procedures. ADC’s security personnel screen and wand everyone entering the courthouse for restricted items, confiscating anything that is prohibited, including drugs, which are turned over to police officers who make arrests on the spot. All items are documented and properly transferred to BCMC officials. ADC informs BCMC officials of any possible threats.

ADC Security Officers secure this facility on a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week basis, including holidays. All of our Security Officers must be cleared by BCMC’s security staff before being assigned to the contract.


Stepping Up for the Department of Defense

ADC coordinates advanced preparations to efficiently and effectively manage surges in investigations.


As a contractor for a Department of Defense military support agency, ADC LTD NM was awarded 80% of the agency’s background investigations. The other 20% was awarded to another firm, who’s overall quality, reporting formats and timeliness failed to meet the Department of Defense military support agency’s standards, therefore the adjudicators could not effectively evaluate the personnel that had been investigated. They called upon ADC to assist in reworking the investigations.

With the concern/consideration of knowing that these investigations were the key in determining if the job applicants were suitable for hire, and therefore to begin work, ADC treated the investigations as expedited requests. ADC voluntarily shortened the turnaround times while maintaining its standard for high quality work.


Guarding Sacred Artifacts

ADC provides security for national treasures for the National Archives Agency (NARA).

Security Officers - Case Study

ADC LTD NM has provided security services at the American Indian Records Repository, Department of the Interior, which is located at the Bureau of Indian Affairs’ National Business Center in Albuquerque, NM. This facility houses hundreds of Native American sacred trusts, which are most valuable and confidential.

ADC has provided three Security Officers on the day shift and two at night, 24/7, to protect the records of the Native American Trust and screen visitors entering the facility. The effort requires building security support services that cover management, supervision, labor, training, equipment, licenses, permits, insurance, pre-employment screenings, reports and supplies necessary to provide building monitoring services. ADC personnel provide continuous, uninterrupted security support on a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week basis, including performing regular facility and perimeter patrols, screening all incoming staff and visitors to the facility, and preventing Native American trust records or other valuable property from being removed from the premises without proper authorization.