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ADC is the leading provider of background checks.

Tailored Background Checks Specific to Your Industry

We dig deeper into the sensitive areas that are specific to the workforce path, going back 10-years in to their history.  We have a proven success working across multiple industries in locations all around the country and we can provide you with a high-quality background check to position your company for success. Contact us and we’ll put together a custom background check package or you can select from the four top selected background check packages below.

Preferred Background Check Package


plus applicable tax

Pre-Employment Background Check


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Comprehensive Background Check for Pre-Employment


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Professional Background Check for Pre-Employment


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employement background checks

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Hire the Best and Most Credible Employees With a Thorough Background Investigation

Don’t take chances with your workforce. Ensure a secure and reliable team with employment background investigations — partner with ADC for comprehensive screening that safeguards your business.

Protect your company’s reputation, culture, and bottom line. Trust in a thorough evaluation of prospective employees to make confident, informed hiring decisions. Join forces with ADC LTD and prioritize the safety and success of your organization today through thorough background checks.

Ensure that you are hiring the right person for the job.

We have been processing Background Checks for over 30 years and have processed the very highest levels of background security checks for the U.S. Government. The opportunity to know that your employee maintains a high level of integrity will possibly help you avoid costly lawsuits, prevent employee performance issues and reduce the cost of hiring.  We can provide comprehensive background information to assist you in making the right decision prior to hiring that key employee.

We perform in-depth background checks, traveling back into the candidate’s employee records and criminal databases, so that you can make an informed decision and feel confident you’re hiring skilled, experienced candidates. Our background checks consist of record checks performed by experienced ADC staff, as well as credit and criminal checks. Our pre-employment background checks are tailored to your needs, allowing you to make smart decisions about applicants before you hire them.