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Elevate Your Hiring Process With ADC’s Background Check In Texas. We Offer Swift Results And Personalized Service. Hire Smarter With Us!

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ADC: Your Ultimate Employee Background Check in Texas

Choose ADC for a background screening in Texas to secure the finest talent for your organization. Thorough applicant vetting is crucial. It ensures you can confidently verify your applicant’s employment history, educational qualifications, and relevant experience. 

This systematic approach not only raises the quality of your hires but also fosters a safer work environment. Our expert team can also help you unlock the benefits of fast, top-quality background checks, guiding you toward more innovative, quicker hiring choices.

Additionally, we commit to confirming an applicant’s identity, qualifications, financial history, criminal record, and employment records, ensuring you hire the most qualified individual. 

Our advanced screening tool goes beyond mere verification — it helps ensure the accuracy of an applicant’s resume.

Choosing the right Texas pre-employment background checks is essential for well-informed hiring decisions. At ADC, we take great pride in our comprehensive, meticulous background screening services. So, count on us to swiftly and efficiently deliver the vital information you need.

Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive background screening services. Your journey to discovering top-tier talent begins with ADC.

Applicant Information Verified By ADC In Texas

Here are the services ADC offers to its clients.


Verifying an applicant’s identity is at the forefront of our background screening process. Hence, we employ various methods to confirm their identity, including carefully examining identity documents and cross-referencing essential credentials.


Our Texas background check experts closely examine applicants’ credentials to verify the accuracy of their work history, education, and professional affiliations as stated in their resumes. 

This thorough process is essential in assisting your organization in achieving its objectives while maintaining a reputation for attracting highly qualified individuals.

Employment History

Furthermore, we contact an applicant’s current or previous employers directly to obtain vital information. It includes dates of employment, job titles, compensation details, reasons for leaving, and eligibility for rehire.

Financial History

Accessing concise and comprehensive credit data has always been challenging. Thus, our reports include details on open accounts, payment histories, public financial filings, and the individual’s current financial standing.

Criminal Record

With our Texas background checks process, we will help you uncover relevant information about criminal records, incidents of sexual harassment, and any financial or professional sanctions that may impact your hiring decisions.

ADC’s Gold Standard

Our specialists can help you secure top-tier talent. We meticulously perform background checks on every candidate, custom-tailored to meet your unique standards, effectively mitigating potential liabilities for your organization.

At ADC LTD, we also take pride in offering background check services that set us apart from the competition. Here’s what makes us the right choice for your hiring needs:

  • Unmatched Government Expertise

Our team has a proven track record of processing high-level security clearances for the U.S. government. This experience translates into meticulous background checks in Texas that ensure you get the whole picture. 

  • Extensive Nationwide Network

We also have the resources to conduct comprehensive checks quickly and efficiently. It means faster turnaround times and broader coverage, giving you a more complete picture of your candidates.

  • Tailored Solutions

Besides that, we understand that you need a more than one-size-fits-all approach for background checks. That’s why we offer customizable pre-employment packages. 

You choose the elements you need verifying, ensuring you get the information most relevant to the position while keeping costs manageable. 

  • Experienced Investigators

Our team includes seasoned professionals, many of them former federal agents. You will benefit from investigators who deeply understand conducting thorough and accurate Texas background checks

We believe in providing our clients with the most comprehensive and reliable information to make informed hiring decisions. Let ADC be your trusted partner in building a strong and secure team.

Work With an Experienced Team

Our clients remain devoted to our services, thanks to our unwavering commitment to providing personalized customer support. We’re always just a call or click away, ready to assist you with your needs or provide dedicated support.

ADC Texas’ quick and responsive service has garnered the appreciation of numerous clients, streamlining the hiring process and enabling well-informed choices. 

Our team conducting a background check in Texas delivers detailed reports and daily status updates conveniently delivered to your email.

So, join us today and experience the difference.