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Top 10 Reasons Companies Need Employment Background Checks

There are specific steps to take whenever a business has a job opening. First, the job description is posted online for applicants. Then, the employer reviews and selects candidates for assessment, which they can do by phone or in person. Interviews help in making informed hiring decisions. But wait, there’s a missing piece — the background checks.

Reasons Why You Have to Do Background Checks

These checks are vital. Investigators use legal records to verify applicant info, reduce risks, and clarify hiring choices. Checks also confirm identity, education, work history, and more. Here are ten reasons why it’s crucial for your business.

1. Reveals Criminal History

Employers conduct background investigations to uncover past criminal convictions. These may raise concerns about an applicant’s suitability for the job. It’s essential for making informed hiring choices, even if the charges are minor or irrelevant.

2. Reveals Job-Related Issues

An accurate background check goes beyond criminal history, including driving records and credit histories. While some roles may not be affected by a poor driving record or financial issues, it’s crucial for jobs that may involve them.

3. Ensures Due Diligence and Prevents Liability

Imagine not conducting a background check and hiring someone for a truck driver role. They caused a major accident while driving under the influence, revealing a history of DUIs. Failing to do a background check could make you responsible for the accident.

4. Provides a Comprehensive View

Job applicants often put on a show during interviews, aiming to impress. They may even tweak their resumes. An employee background check reveals the real person and helps you determine if they fit your company.

5. Ensures Safety for All

In some cases, applicants can pose a danger, from violent criminals to sex offenders. Not conducting background investigations means you might unknowingly hire such individuals. Imagine hiring a sexual predator who harms your customers or employees. Running background investigations safeguards everyone from potential harm and protects you from liability.

6. Supports a Drug-Free Workplace

Maintaining a drug-free workplace is a priority for many. Background checks identify applicants with recent drug charges, and combining them with drug tests ensures a zero-tolerance policy right from the start.

7. Exposes Deception

Applicants often act in interviews to please employers. Some are dishonest on resumes, creating false work histories or inflating job roles and dates. Background investigations, including calls to past employers, verify the accuracy of application information. It’s crucial only to hire trustworthy candidates.

8. Confirms Education and Credentials

These employee checks go beyond work history. They also validate an applicant’s claimed degrees and professional certifications. It ensures honesty and compliance with job requirements, which is crucial for legal and honest hiring.

9. Offers Peace of Mind

A background check for employment alleviates concerns about an employee’s trustworthiness. They help you avoid everyday worries like whether your employee has a criminal past or is dishonest, providing the peace of mind needed for smooth business operations.

10. Guarantees the Right Hire

Employment screening is a time-consuming and costly process. Conducting thorough initial screening, including checks, is essential to ensure you make the best choice. It minimizes the need for reevaluations, saving time and resources.

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The Benefits of Pre-Employment Background Checks

Bringing in a new employee is an investment in your organization’s future, demanding substantial resources. Beyond time and money, hiring the wrong person can harm employee morale, client relations, brand image, and sales. Ensuring a candidate’s qualifications, experience, and background through a fast background check before making a job offer safeguards your company and its culture.

How These Checks Operate

Background investigations authenticate an applicant’s identity by utilizing data like their Social Security number and birth date for scanning court, financial, or public records databases. They may also contact educational institutions, professional bodies, or former employers for verification.

Typically, a human resources specialist conducts these searches, partnering with an employment check company, a consumer reporting agency (CRA), or leveraging software like a human resources information system (HRIS).

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and government regulations outline stringent procedures for conducting background checks, so thorough research is essential to prevent legal issues.

The Employment Background Check Process

Background investigations are often conducted when you’re ready to extend a job offer, but some companies may use them to guide hiring decisions for multiple candidates. To ensure compliance, follow these four key steps:


Inform candidates that a pre-employment screening is a prerequisite for an offer.


Candidates must provide written consent, receive notification of the agency conducting the check, and be informed of their rights under the FCRA. 


Compile the employment background check report using relevant sources after receiving consent and the necessary personal information.


Examine the report, which will typically be marked as “clear” for a green light to proceed with hiring or “consider” if concerning findings are uncovered.


Hire the Best and Most Credible Employees With a Thorough Background Investigation

Don’t take chances with your workforce. Ensure a secure and reliable team with employment background investigations — partner with ADC for comprehensive screening that safeguards your business.

Protect your company’s reputation, culture, and bottom line. Trust in a thorough evaluation of prospective employees to make confident, informed hiring decisions. Join forces with ADC LTD and prioritize the safety and success of your organization today through thorough background checks.