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Background Screening for Remote Workers and Why It Matters

A hybrid work approach has already become the norm in many sectors. Many young and seasoned professionals still prefer fully remote work. This situation raises a significant question — should employers reconsider conducting a background screening for remote workforce?

Understanding this evolving employment model is crucial in various industries. Some HR teams might view it as an opportunity to streamline the hiring process and fill essential roles more quickly. 

On the surface, skipping a background check for someone who will never visit the office may seem sensible. However, a closer examination reveals that background checking still plays an essential role, even for those working hundreds of miles from company headquarters.

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Critical Reasons for Conducting Thorough Background Checks on Remote Employees

Uncover the importance of conducting comprehensive employee background screening on remote candidates and employees to safeguard your company’s interests.

Prevent Employee Moonlighting

The issue of moonlighting has long been a concern for employers, and in the wake of the pandemic, it has escalated into an even more significant worry.  Moonlighting occurs when a candidate or an employee simultaneously works for two or more companies to reap financial gains and additional perks. 

This practice could be better for organizations, as it can lead to breaches of confidentiality, reduced compliance, decreased productivity, ethical dilemmas, and various other complications. Identifying an employee engaged in moonlighting can be a challenging task in itself. It becomes even more complex when dealing with remote employees, as their employers only sometimes supervise them. A background screener can help find this issue out. 

Many top companies have turned to digital background checkers to combat the moonlighting issue, uncover such activities, and take appropriate action

Lessen Hiring Costs

It’s no secret that hiring an employee, whether remotely or in-house, is a substantial investment in terms of time and money. This investment encompasses advertising expenses and the resources dedicated to training. The company can incur significant financial losses if an unsuitable candidate is selected. 

Remote employees, in particular, may need to meet productivity expectations, leading to reduced revenue for the organization. Therefore, conducting a thorough employment background screening is imperative. 

Only after verifying that a candidate possesses the requisite educational qualifications and job experience should they be considered for the position. Moreover, some candidates may falsely inflate their current earnings and demand higher salaries. A thorough background check can quickly uncover the truth, enabling employers to make informed offers. With an efficient background check, the company may remain in the loop, increasing expenses.

Preserving the Company’s Reputation

Hiring an individual with a criminal record, drug addiction, or a history of fraud can swiftly tarnish a company’s reputation. A solid employee background verification process for remote workers allows employers to safeguard the organization’s brand image and reputation. 

Therefore, conducting employee background verifications is essential, as it helps organizations steer clear of making #badhires and the associated risks.

Identifying Candidates with Criminal Records

Without a streamlined background verification process, it’s relatively easy for candidates with criminal histories to secure remote work positions. Typically, resumes do not require candidates to disclose their criminal records, enabling them to pass the initial stages of the recruitment process. 

Without stringent background verification procedures, unsuspecting employers may hire these candidates. Companies should implement a comprehensive background-checking system or work with top background screening companies to mitigate the potential trouble and risks associated with hiring individuals with criminal backgrounds. 

They can consider investing in verification tools or working with a seasoned background investigator to access necessary information before hiring, safeguarding the organization from the pitfalls of a bad hire.

Prevent Workplace Fraud

Background verification involves meticulously examining an individual’s past experiences, educational qualifications, and criminal history to ascertain their suitability and trustworthiness for a specific role. In the contemporary world, where remote work has become the prevailing trend, the significance of background verification has surged.

Conducting a thorough background check on potential remote workers is indispensable in safeguarding against workplace fraud. It guarantees that the individual under consideration is qualified and reliable, with no record of past fraudulent activities. 

Several methods can be employed for background verification, including online verification databases, personal interviews, and reference checks. Nevertheless, this process has specific common challenges, such as verifying information across different locations and overcoming language barriers.

Notwithstanding these challenges, background verification is pivotal in averting fraud within remote work setups. It establishes an ethical benchmark and ensures hiring decisions are rooted in credible information. A streamlined employment background screening process builds trust between the employer and the employee, ultimately fostering an efficient working relationship.

As a result, companies should tailor their background verification processes, educate their employees about its significance, and consider engaging third-party verification providers as part of their best practices. Regular verification process assessments and updates are essential to maintain relevance and effectiveness in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Ensure that You Hire Credible People for the Job

As the remote work trend continues to expand, it becomes increasingly vital for companies to adjust their hiring practices accordingly. 

Conducting thorough background checks on remote employees is essential to sustaining a secure and dependable workforce while safeguarding your brand reputation. 

You can establish a more secure workforce by addressing the distinct challenges of remote background screening and seamlessly integrating it into your screening protocols. You can also preserve your reputation and make confident hiring decisions when bringing remote employees on board.

ADC LTD is here to help you tackle this task. We have the expertise, tools, technology, and people to ensure prospective employees are credible, honest, and 100% fit for the role. 

Talk to us today, and let’s start the hiring process.