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Conducting meticulous background checks in talent acquisition is paramount to the hiring process. It serves the dual purpose of assessing a candidate’s suitability for the role and protecting your organization from potential risks.

Thoroughly vetting applicants is crucial, ensuring you can confirm their work history, educational qualifications, and relevant experience. This systematic approach enhances the quality of your hires and contributes to a safer workplace for all.

We are committed to verifying an applicant’s identity, credentials, financial background, criminal history, and employment records, guaranteeing you hire the most qualified individual for the job. Our advanced screening tool goes beyond mere verification — it aids in ascertaining the accuracy of an applicant’s resume. 

Choosing the right New Mexico security services provider can be the linchpin of well-informed hiring decisions. At ADC, we take immense pride in our comprehensive and meticulous background screening services. You can trust us to deliver the requisite information swiftly and efficiently.

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What Applicant Information Does ADC Verify?

Here are the essential employee information ADC verifies during a background investigation.


The initial stage of background screening involves verifying the candidate’s identity. Our identity verification process employs various methods to authenticate the candidate’s identity, including collecting identity cards and cross-referencing primary documents.


Our background check company in New Mexico meticulously assesses your candidate’s credentials to ascertain the authenticity of their work experience, educational qualifications, and professional affiliations as indicated in their resume. 

This rigorous process is instrumental in enabling your company to achieve its objectives and maintain its reputation for recruiting only the most highly qualified individuals.

Employment History

We contact a candidate’s current or previous employer to obtain crucial details, including dates of employment, job titles, compensation particulars, the cause of termination, and eligibility for rehire.

Financial History

Effortlessly access concise and comprehensive credit data, encompassing details on open accounts, payment histories, public filings, and the present financial status.

Criminal Record

Within the scope of our security service in New Mexico, we also assist you in uncovering pertinent information regarding criminal records, incidents of sexual harassment, as well as any financial or professional sanctions.

This rigorous process is instrumental in enabling your company to achieve its objectives and maintain its reputation for recruiting only the most highly qualified individuals.

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