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How ADC Can Help You Streamline Your Recruitment Process

Employers consider background checks a valuable tool that thoroughly explains job applicants. These checks provide numerous tangible advantages beyond simply verifying prospective recruits’ honesty and simplifying the recruitment process

Organizations can employ pre-employment screening to verify candidates’ educational backgrounds, licenses, criminal records, and employment histories. The advantages of this practice extend to improved employee retention and workplace safety, making it a wise investment.

If you’ve ever hesitated to allocate more of your recruitment budget to background checks, you’ll find the following information enlightening. You may be pleasantly surprised by the array of benefits background checks can bring your company.

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Introducing ADC — Upholding the Gold Standard in Background Checks 

ADC LTD NM had modest beginnings with the Cordova family running a small grocery store in Jarales, New Mexico, laying the foundation for what it is today. Their drive to help companies streamline their recruitment processes is rooted in their farming background — living within one’s means, honesty, community support, and taking responsibility for repairs. 

Established during a challenging period in national security, ADC made significant contributions in both private and public sectors, leading to multiple federal contracts from the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security.  ADC has consistently proven itself to be a highly esteemed provider of background investigations for government agencies, securing numerous federal contracts and taking on expanding roles and duties.

This growth is a testament to their commitment and expertise in security.

How Can ADC Help Streamline Your Hiring Process?

Background checks provide employers with many advantages as part of the recruiting process. They assist in selecting the right employees, ultimately contributing to the organization’s overall success through increased profits or expanded reach. 

Here are a few essential benefits of tapping ADC to speed up background checks for your business. 

Elevate Applicant Quality

Prioritizing pre-employment checks during recruitment dissuades individuals attempting to conceal significant issues, promoting the submission of accurate resumes and minimizing misrepresentations.  It attracts candidates with authentic backgrounds and verifiable qualifications, as they appreciate the employer’s commitment to thoroughness, honesty, and integrity. 

Conversely, it discourages unsuitable applicants from going further in the recruitment process steps. It also stops those with hidden work history or personal records issues from applying. These screenings enhance the overall quality of job applicants.

ADC has the tools and resources backed by 30 years industry experience to perform these tasks efficiently. They’ve been servicing the government for three decades, and the trust bestowed upon them proves their credibility by leaps and bounds. 

Improve Hiring Quality 

Eliminating unsuitable candidates and confirming the accuracy of resume information enables employers to make well-informed hiring decisions. 

This process also conserves valuable time, as hiring managers can focus their interviews on high-quality, genuinely qualified applicants. It’s a pragmatic HR recruitment process that ensures a substantial pool of candidates and elevates the overall quality of hires. 

ADC can take this burdensome task off your shoulders. They have the time and resources to conduct this task when needed.  With over 1,800 seasoned ADC investigators and a dedicated workforce of 500 employees, the organization is committed to safeguarding the integrity of your business. 

Being family-owned often means a more personalized and customer-centric approach. ADC can tailor its services to meet the specific needs of its clients, providing a more customized and thorough background screening process.

Prevent Reputation Damage and Costly Consequences

Untruthful employees who pass the recruitment and selection process can impose substantial costs on your organization, tarnishing its reputation and generating unfavorable public attention. Moreover, financial repercussions might stem from adverse publicity caused by a deceitful staff member.

Background checks are pivotal in validating employment records and uncovering illicit or criminal behavior that applicants might conceal. A thorough vetting of a potential employee makes a decisive impact on whether it’s a sound or detrimental hiring decision.

Over the years, ADC has built a comprehensive database of information. This database has been a valuable resource in cross-referencing and verifying candidate details.  Additionally, a long-established background-checking company like ADC has likely honed its expertise in detecting red flags and uncovering discrepancies in candidates’ histories. 

Being conversant in the executive recruitment process, they know where and what to look for, increasing the chances of identifying dishonest applicants.

Secure the Workplace and Ensure Staff Safety

OSHA reports that approximately two million American workers experience workplace violence annually, with many more cases going unreported. OSHA further asserts that workplace violence leads to over $120 billion in direct and indirect losses, while the National Safety Council projected an even higher cost in 2021 at $167 billion per year.

A negligent recruiting process can lead to lawsuits following an incident, not only for those with violent criminal histories but also for individuals with substance abuse records. 

While some offer second chances, specific sectors, like those dealing with vulnerable populations, demand thorough vetting during the hiring stage.

Background checks provide vital information for informed decisions, reducing the risk of bad hires and potential liability lawsuits. They ensure employers have a complete picture of an applicant’s history, safeguarding the workplace and employees.

With extensive experience, ADC can conduct comprehensive background checks, including criminal history, employment verification, and reference checks, ensuring that potentially risky individuals don’t advance further in the recruitment process.

We’ve accumulated expertise in identifying red flags and anomalies in candidates’ backgrounds, making it less likely for individuals with problematic histories to slip through the cracks.

Work With ADC’s Proven Track Record 

An experienced background-checking company can offer invaluable support in maintaining workplace security and ensuring staff safety by leveraging their knowledge, expertise, and customized solutions to help you make informed hiring decisions and reduce potential risks.

ADC boasts of its three-decade experience working in the background-checking industry. Serving the government and its agencies helped ADC hone its services and be equipped to cater to various industries. If you want to streamline your recruitment process, call ADC. 

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