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Build a safer workforce with ADC’s construction background check services — reliable insights for your team's security. Learn more.

Construction Background Check Services

Accelerate the Background Check Process for Swift and Accurate Results.

Enhance your decision-making speed without compromising precision with our construction background check services. Seize the opportunity to secure top talent and avoid potential critical errors with ADC.

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Discover a Customized Solution for Your Construction Business

Your construction enterprise deserves a program meticulously crafted to meet your distinct needs. We offer the essential technology, expected compliance, and the level of service you’ve rightfully earned. 

Our strategy is specifically designed to deliver an exceptional program that seamlessly aligns with the unique requirements of your construction company. Furthermore, you’ll have the advantage of a dedicated national account manager, ensuring swift and accurate responses for you and your candidates.

Streamlined Hiring On the Go with ADC

Simplify your multi-location hiring process effortlessly with ADC’s background check for construction workers. Whether at your central office or on a job site, you can now assign a tailored link and workflow to your candidates using your mobile device. It initiates an automatic background check, eliminating the requirement for a hiring manager to manually place the order for the candidate. ADC offers this seamless solution to enhance your speed and efficiency in the employment screening process.

Discover the Ideal Construction Professional

We make verifying the qualifications and certifications of your candidates a breeze, reducing potential workplace safety risks and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Effortless Compliance Solutions Tailored for Construction Businesses

Our construction background checks include handling consent forms and automating adverse action processes, ensuring that your construction company complies with local regulations in various regions. We’ve got your back when fulfilling your background check and compliance requirements.

Trustworthy, High-Quality Results

Our advanced compliance filters and record verification processes instill trust in the reliability of our outcomes.

Comprehensive Background Checks for the Construction Industry

ADC conducts thorough background checks for your construction staff, meticulously examining mandatory industry sanctions and registries to ensure strict adherence to the sector’s rigorous standards.

User-Friendly Platform

Our intuitive background screening platform seamlessly integrates with over 100 ATS systems, simplifying the process of conducting precise construction employment background checks.


Maintain a Safe Job Site by Mitigating Risks

Depending on the nature of the job, you might need specific certifications or licenses from the individuals you bring on board. These credentials may be essential for tasks like operating heavy machinery or performing specialized duties that demand particular training.  The ADC team is here to verify your candidates’ qualifications, providing you with increased confidence in your hiring decisions. Furthermore, conducting comprehensive background checks on all workers entrusted with upholding your company’s reputation is advisable. ADC recognizes the unique hiring requirements of the construction industry and is well-equipped to meet your needs for background checks for construction workers.

Reliable Data for Your Construction Business

As a reputable presence in the construction industry, ADC excels in delivering exceptional customer service combined with state-of-the-art technology to offer rapid and accurate reports for construction companies.  With over three decades of industry experience, we collaborate with construction businesses of all scales.

We streamline operations, ensure regulatory adherence, and deliver outstanding outcomes. When you select ADC LTD for your construction business’s background checks, you align with a top-tier background screening partner dedicated to optimizing your hiring procedures. Contact us today for a more streamlined construction background check process.