Hire trusted and credible individuals to care for your vehicles and passengers through a comprehensive transportation background check.

Transportation Background Check Services

Transportation companies do more than just move items. They’re the lifeline of our economy, ensuring goods traverse the country so businesses nationwide can thrive. Ensure they have the best people through a transportation background check. 

This industry is tightly regulated. Upholding a dependable, credible workforce is crucial, particularly here. A single wrong hire could mean stolen cargo, dissatisfied clients, accidents, and a damaged reputation.

Use Background Checks In Hiring To Choose The Best Team Members

Speed up progress, protect your reputation, and simplify compliance by partnering with ADC. In trucking and transportation, fast and compliant employment screening matters. 

ADC delivers quick criminal background checks, state-specific motor vehicle records (MVR), nationwide CDL checks, ongoing driver incident monitoring, and DOT drug/alcohol testing.

In transportation, getting the hiring process right is non-negotiable. Beyond DOT compliance, individuals must meet truck operation standards. Your company needs assurance that those entrusted with your assets undergo thorough scrutiny. 

You can achieve this with fast, reliable, comprehensive transportation background checks.

Unleash the Benefits of Employment Screening in the Transportation Sector

By teaming up with us, you gain access to a suite of advantages explicitly designed for the transportation industry:

Preventing Negligent Hiring

Negligent hiring isn’t just about making a poor hire —it holds legal consequences. If you employ someone with a criminal past who subsequently harms a customer or steals from a colleague, the responsibility falls on you. Failing to conduct a background check and reveal this crucial information can lead to lawsuits.

Enhanced Safety

By keeping potentially risky employees away from your car lot, everyone benefits. You can keep your stakeholders safe by employing transportation background check services. Your staff won’t have doubts about trusting their colleagues, and customers can feel secure, knowing their personal information is safe. 

Minimized Substance Abuse

Screening for drug and alcohol use holds particular significance, particularly in scenarios involving vehicles. Such behavior not only poses a liability but also jeopardizes everyone’s safety. Implementing substance abuse screening can reduce violence, crime, low productivity, employee turnover, attitude problems, tardiness, absenteeism, and more. 


Customized Solutions for the Transportation Industry

At ADC, our expertise lies in crafting solutions tailored for the transportation sector, serving diverse businesses from logistics to fleet management. Our adaptable transportation background checks address various needs, such as route optimization, supply chain management, and regulatory compliance.

Our main emphasis is on risk mitigation through comprehensive employee background checks specifically designed for the transportation field. It ensures the alignment of candidates with your company’s ethos and values.

We conduct essential searches to guarantee the safety and reliability of your transportation team, including rigorous checks for criminal records and vital verifications. Our solid transportation employees’ background checks and security protocols allow your transportation operations to thrive with added assurance.

Fostering Trust with Data-Backed Solutions

In the transportation industry, ADC is your reliable partner for specialized background checks. Our team comprises seasoned logistics, fleet management, and transportation operations professionals, ensuring tailored solutions for your needs.

We work closely with companies across scales to deliver thorough background checks specific to the transportation sector, simplifying your risk management processes. Whether it’s screening your entire transportation team or individual members, count on us for support.

With decades of industry expertise, we’re primed to meet your transportation background check demands. Reach out today for a streamlined process for securing your transportation workforce.