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ADC is a trustworthy Arizona background check company. We help you make informed decisions. We offer reliable, thorough, and fast services.

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ADC: Your Complete Employee Background Check & Screening Solution in Arizona

Unlock speed, quality, and efficiency with our experienced team to make smarter, faster hiring decisions. Find and secure top talent for your Arizona-based company with ADC’s Arizona background check services.

Conducting rigorous background checks is essential in the talent acquisition process. It helps assess a candidate’s suitability for the role and safeguards your organization from potential risks.

Thoroughly scrutinizing applicants is critical to confirming their work history, educational qualifications, and relevant experience. This systematic approach elevates the caliber of your hires and fosters a safer work environment for everyone.

We’re dedicated to verifying an applicant’s identity, credentials, financial background, criminal history, and employment records, ensuring you bring the most qualified person on board. Our advanced screening tools go beyond mere verification — they help ensure the accuracy of an applicant’s resume.

Selecting the right security services in Arizona can be the linchpin of well-informed hiring decisions. So. at ADC, we take immense pride in our comprehensive and meticulous background screening services. You can rely on us to swiftly and efficiently provide the information you need.

Contact us today to explore our extensive background screening services in greater detail. Your journey to securing top-tier talent begins with us.

Our Methodology

In pre-employment procedures, our team of experts will help you make precise hiring decisions. We diligently perform comprehensive background checks in Arizona (and other states) for every candidate.

Ultimately, we tailor our efforts to meet your exact requirements, minimizing potential risks for your company. With that, we verify the following information:


At the initial stage of our background screening process, we focus on verifying the candidate’s identity. Our identity verification methods encompass a range of techniques, including collecting identity cards and cross-referencing primary documents to ensure the authenticity of the candidate’s identity.


ADC’s thorough Arizona background checks also meticulously assess your candidate’s credentials. Hence, as stated in their resume, we confirm the legitimacy of their work experience, educational qualifications, and professional affiliations. 

This thorough process is instrumental in helping your company meet its goals and maintain its reputation for hiring highly qualified individuals.

Employment History

We also contact a candidate’s current or past employers to obtain critical details. The latter include employment dates, job titles, compensation information, termination reasons, and rehire eligibility.

Financial History

Easily access concise and comprehensive credit data, which includes information about open accounts, payment histories, public filings, and the current financial status of the candidate.

Criminal Record

Within our services, we also help you uncover pertinent information through an Arizona criminal background check, including criminal records, incidents of sexual harassment, and any financial or professional sanctions.

Who Needs Our Services?

We conduct in-depth background checks and pre-employment screenings for government agencies and businesses. Our service benefits organizations requiring high trust and security in their workforce.

Overall, organizations and individuals who can benefit from ADC’s services include:

  • Government Agencies

Many government positions require thorough background investigations, particularly those involving access to sensitive information or critical infrastructure. 

ADC’s expertise in conducting these investigations can ensure that only trustworthy individuals are granted security clearances.

Police departments and other law enforcement agencies can utilize Arizona State background check services to vet potential recruits and ensure the integrity of their officers.

Prisons and detention centers can benefit from our security services, including building monitoring and patrol, to maintain a safe and secure environment for staff and inmates.

  • Businesses

A diverse range of businesses can benefit from ADC’s comprehensive services, enhancing their operational efficiency, security, and financial management:

Thorough background checks are crucial for making informed hiring decisions. Our background checks help companies verify candidate credentials, identify potential risks, and ensure a safe and productive work environment. 

  • Individuals

ADC can assist job seekers by conducting thorough and accurate background checks in Arizona. It allows individuals to address any potential concerns during the hiring process proactively.

Individuals transitioning to a new career field may need a background check to meet the requirements of their desired industry. ADC can provide this service by presenting the individual’s background information accurately and professionally.

Why Choose ADC in Arizona?

ADC Arizona clients stay loyal thanks to our steadfast commitment to personalized customer service. We’re readily available with just a call or click, ready to offer the support and assistance you need.

Many of our clients value our swift response times, which enable faster, more informed hiring decisions. With our Arizona background check services, you can expect reports and daily status updates conveniently delivered to your email, streamlining your decision-making process.

Join forces with us today.