Background Check in Colorado

Ensure a compliant background check in Colorado. ADC’s in-depth background checks verify qualifications and reduce hiring risk. Learn more. 

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Put your trust in Colorado with ADC's premier employee background check and screening solutions. Your reliable choice!

Discover the unparalleled benefits of quick and efficient background checks with our proficient team, guiding you toward groundbreaking and sensible hiring choices. Opt for ADC’s background check in Colorado to secure top-tier talent for your organization.

Thorough vetting of applicants is imperative, providing the confidence to validate employment history, educational qualifications, and relevant experience. This systematic approach not only elevates the quality of your hires but also cultivates a safer work environment.

Our dedication also extends to verifying an applicant’s personal and professional details, guaranteeing the selection of the most qualified individuals. Besides that, our advanced screening tool transcends simple verification, ensuring the accuracy of the information we offer.

Thus, hoosing the right Colorado background check provider is paramount for making well-informed hiring decisions. At ADC, we take immense pride in our comprehensive, meticulous background screening services. So, rely on us for prompt and efficient delivery of vital information.

Contact us today to explore our comprehensive background screening services. Your journey to discovering top-tier talent begins with ADC.

Information Validated by ADC in Colorado

Here are the relevant applicant and employee details we gather when we conduct our background investigations.


Verifying an applicant’s identity is the cornerstone of our background screening process. Our Colorado team employs various techniques, meticulously scrutinizing identity documents and cross-referencing crucial credentials to ensure accuracy.


Our specialists on background checks in Colorado thoroughly inspect applicants’ qualifications to authenticate the truth of their employment history, educational background, and professional affiliations as indicated in their resume. 

This rigorous procedure is fundamental in assisting your organization to attain its goals while upholding a reputation for attracting highly qualified individuals.

Employment History

We also directly liaise with an applicant’s former or current employers to acquire relevant employment details. This information includes employment dates, job designations, compensation specifics, reasons for departure, and eligibility for rehiring.

Financial History

Gaining access to concise and extensive credit information has historically presented challenges. Therefore, our reports provide comprehensive data on open accounts, payment histories, public financial declarations, and the individual’s current financial status.

Criminal Record

With our Colorado background checks, we aid in discovering pertinent information about criminal records, instances of sexual harassment, and any financial or professional penalties that could influence your hiring decisions.

The ADC Trademark Approach

Our experts can help you secure top-tier talent. We conduct background checks on each candidate efficiently and precisely, tailoring our process to align with your criteria. This approach effectively minimizes potential liabilities for your organization.

Above all, we understand the importance of compliant and effective hiring practices. Our background check services offer several key benefits to Colorado employers:

  • Peace of Mind

Our FCRA-compliant Colorado pre-employment background checks ensure you follow all pre-employment screening regulations.

  • Reduced Risk

By verifying qualifications and uncovering potential red flags, you can make informed hiring decisions and minimize the risk of bad hires.

  • Top Talent Acquisition

Our in-depth checks help you identify qualified candidates with solid track records, leading to better employee performance and retention.

Since we cater specifically to Colorado, you can be confident that our services are tailored to meet your business’s unique needs.

Work With ADC

Our clients continue to choose our services due to our steadfast dedication to offering personalized customer support. We’re constantly at your service, just a call or click away, committed to addressing your needs and providing unwavering support.

Our process for a background check in Colorado provides comprehensive reports and daily status updates conveniently delivered to your email. ADC Colorados rapid and responsive service has earned the admiration of countless clients, streamlining the hiring process and facilitating informed decisions. 

So, join us today and witness the ADC magic!