The Most Important Background Information Transport Companies Must Check

Ensuring you gather insightful and comprehensive background information during employment checks is essential in transportation. 

This sector includes companies offering services for moving people or goods and various transportation infrastructures. Technically, transportation falls under the industrial sector as per the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS). 

These industries further branch into specific subcategories, including air freight and logistics, airlines, marine transportation, railroads, trucking, airport services, highway and rail track management, maritime ports, and related services.


Why DOT Background Checks Matter

Unfortunately, reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) share a concerning picture — 523,796 accidents involving large commercial vehicles occur annually in the U.S., with around 5,788 resulting in fatalities.

The stakes are high among transportation companies — the potential for severe injuries, fatalities, and extensive property damage underscores the critical need to ensure truck drivers operate as safely as possible.

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) shoulders the responsibility of regulating the transportation industry to safeguard the nation’s transportation system’s safety and efficiency. 

Consequently, the DOT mandates background checks for employees holding a commercial driver’s license (CDL) who work as commercial drivers within your company.

With the surge in e-commerce, delivery trucks crowd the roads more than ever. Employees steering these vehicles must undergo DOT background checks to uphold safety standards for all drivers.

It’s essential to note that if your transportation company falls under DOT regulations, compliance with DOT background check requirements for your employees becomes a crucial responsibility.

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A DOT Background Check: Key Components

The Department of Transportation (DOT) mandates meticulous records for commercial vehicle employees. These checks are distinct from general pre-employment screenings and are significant in ensuring safe and compliant hires.

Drug and Alcohol Screening

Candidates operating commercial vehicles must undergo checks for drug and alcohol use. Verification through the FMCSA’s Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse ensures compliance with substance control laws over the past three years. Unless recent screenings exist, a pre-employment drug test is mandatory.

Medical and Physical Exam

A DOT physical test for every transportation company confirms a candidate’s fitness for extended commercial vehicle operation. Licensed professionals in the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners perform this crucial check.

Past Employment Verification

DOT regulations (49 CFR Part 391) necessitate verifying a candidate’s Safety Performance History from past employers over the last three years. Similar to general employment checks, this ensures accuracy in job experience claims and reveals commercial driving history, including prior CDL states.

Driving History Review

Examining a candidate’s driving history for the preceding three years in all states where they held a CDL is mandatory.

Road Driving Test

All transportation companies’ drivers must pass an official road test (per 49 CFR 391.31(e)), and certificates of passing must be in their official driver qualification files. 

This test confirms a candidate’s capability to handle the specific vehicles used by your company, which is especially crucial if your fleet includes unique or oversized vehicles.

Adhering to these stringent DOT background check criteria is crucial for compliance and safety. Noncompliance can result in severe penalties, emphasizing the importance of leveraging expert vendors for drug and alcohol screenings permitted by the FMCSA.

The Significance of Background Check Information in this Industry

These companies operate in a complex web of regulations, logistics, and safety protocols. Each component is crucial, and overlooking background checks can pose significant challenges. Whether transporting goods or passengers, these companies must meticulously vet various aspects before commencing operations.

Safeguarding Road Safety

Drivers are the backbone of transport companies entrusted with maneuvering vehicles safely and efficiently. Conducting comprehensive background checks on drivers is non-negotiable. 

These checks verify driving records, criminal history, drug screenings, and previous employment details. A pristine driving record signifies a commitment to safety, lessening the likelihood of accidents and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Furthermore, assessing a driver’s history provides insights into their reliability and adherence to regulations. Vehicle transport companies operate within a labyrinth of regulatory frameworks. Compliance with local, national, and international laws is non-negotiable. Background checks encompass verifying licenses, permits, and adherence to industry-specific regulations.

Ensuring compliance minimizes legal risks, mitigates fines, and fosters a positive reputation within the industry. Companies prioritizing regulatory adherence demonstrate reliability and accountability, fostering stakeholder trust.

Screening for Security

For companies transporting goods, stringent checks on cargo are imperative. Ensuring the legitimacy of shipments, verifying contents, and adhering to security protocols are vital. 

Background checks involve:

  • Screening cargo for prohibited items.
  • Verifying documentation.
  • Ensuring import/export regulations compliance.

Maintaining a solid background check information system for cargo screening safeguards against illegal activities, protects the company’s reputation, and prevents potential disruptions in supply chains.

Securing Data and Operations

The transport sector heavily relies on technological infrastructure. Background checks extend beyond personnel and vehicles — they encompass cybersecurity measures. Protecting sensitive data, securing networks, and implementing robust cybersecurity protocols are critical.

Regular audits and technological infrastructure checks ensure information safeguarding, preventing cyber threats, and maintaining operational continuity within any car transportation company.

Upholding Excellence Through Thorough Checks

Background checks are the cornerstone of a solid and reliable operation in the dynamic transportation landscape. From ensuring driver safety and vehicle reliability to complying with regulations and securing cargo, each facet is interlinked, contributing to the overall integrity of the transport company.

Prioritizing background checks mitigates risks and enhances trust among customers, stakeholders, and regulatory bodies. It underscores a company’s commitment to safety, reliability, and compliance, paving the way for sustained success in the ever-evolving transport industry. 

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