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10 Great Interview Questions to Determine the Candidate's Background

Interview questions are powerful tools in selecting the right person for a job. They don’t just verify the information on paper. They help you understand who the applicants are and how they fit into your team. 

These ten questions are like windows into a candidate’s world. Picture them as keys to unlock a treasure trove of information about a person’s skills, experiences, and attitudes.

This article explores the significance of throwing the right questions during an interview. It contains carefully crafted queries that reveal essential aspects of a candidate’s background.


Common Interview Questions

These universally recognized questions offer essential insights into a candidate’s professional background. They provide a foundational understanding crucial for effective hiring decisions.

1. Can You Briefly Walk Me Through Your Resume? 

Start with a simple yet powerful question. Ask the candidate to walk you through their resume to have a comprehensive overview of their professional journey. This question allows the candidate to highlight key experiences, skills, and achievements. 

As an employer, it helps to pay attention to how confidently and coherently they narrate their story. This interview question can reveal their communication skills and the importance they place on their career.

2. What Motivated You to Apply for This Position? 

Knowing why a candidate wants to join your company and the role gives valuable insights into their career goals. It also shows how well they align with your organization.

If hiring for a remote position, look for candidates who express genuine interest in the job responsibilities and company values. They are more likely to be committed and engaged employees.

3. Can You Give an Example of a Challenging Project You’ve Worked On?

It is one of the best questions to ask in an interview. It aims to uncover a candidate’s problem-solving skills, resilience, and ability to handle challenges. Listen for specific examples, the actions they took, and the outcomes achieved. It can give you a glimpse into their problem-solving approach.

4. How Do You Stay Up to Date with Industry Trends and Developments? 

To assess a candidate’s commitment to professional growth, inquire about their efforts to stay updated on industry trends. Look for candidates who continuously learn through courses, conferences, or industry publications. This question ensures the candidate is proactive and genuinely interested in evolving with the industry.



Behavioral Interview Questions

This curated list of questions helps uncover how candidates handle real-life situations and showcases their interpersonal skills and problem-solving abilities. They provide a window into a candidate’s past actions, giving you insights into their behavior and suitability for the role.

5. Describe a Time When You Had a Work Conflict and How You Resolved It 

Work environments involve conflicts. How candidates handle these situations shows their interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence.  As one of the best interview questions employers use, it invites candidates to share a real-life example. It allows them to assess candidates’ conflict resolution abilities, communication style, and whether they approach challenges positively.

6. How Do You Set Priorities and Manage Your Workload? 

Efficient time management is essential in any role. This question helps you gauge a candidate’s organizational skills and ability to prioritize tasks. In addition, it also allows you to assess their ability to handle deadlines effectively.  If you plan to add it to your list of interview questions to ask candidates, be sure to listen closely. Experts suggest you choose candidates who provide practical examples of how they organize their work. Furthermore, observe how they set priorities and ensure timely completion of assignments.

7. Can You Share a Situation Where You Demonstrated Leadership? 

Even if the position doesn’t have a formal leadership role, assessing a candidate’s leadership qualities is valuable. Inquire about a situation where the candidate demonstrated leadership, whether through taking initiative, guiding a team, or influencing positive change. This question allows you to evaluate their leadership style and potential contributions to your team.

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Situational Interview Questions

Here, we list situational questions that transport candidates into hypothetical scenarios. They assess how candidates think on their feet and provide valuable insights into their decision-making skills.

8. What Are Your Long-Term Career Goals? 

Understanding a candidate’s long-term career goals can provide insights into their commitment and potential longevity within your organization. Experts recommend that you, as a recruiter, select candidates who answer this question with their aspirations. Check if they align with the opportunities your company can offer. This interview question helps you assess if they seek a long-term career with your organization.

9. How Do You Adapt to Change in the Workplace?

In today’s dynamic work environment, adaptability is a crucial trait. With this question, you can uncover a candidate’s ability to thrive in evolving situations. During an interview, listen for examples of how the candidate has successfully navigated past changes. It will give you an idea of their capacity to embrace new challenges.

10. If You Face an Unexpected Challenge in This Role, How Would You Approach It?

Add this to your list of questions to ask during an interview. We know that anticipating potential challenges is essential in any role. This question assesses a candidate’s problem-solving skills and strategic thinking. Look for responses demonstrating a proactive and thoughtful approach to unexpected challenges. It indicates the candidate’s ability to navigate uncertainties with a solution-oriented mindset.

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