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5 Important Factors to Consider When Doing an Employee Background Check

Organizations must uphold the importance of conducting an employee background check in talent acquisition. After all, many recruiters find themselves at a crossroads as resumes seldom reveal the complete narrative, and the risk of misrepresentation looms. 

With many people applying for jobs, it can sometimes be challenging for companies to figure out who’s the best fit. They must look beyond just skills and ensure the person fits the company’s values. Hence, these checks prove handy. 

This article discusses five important things companies should consider when doing these background checks. 

What Does an Employee Background Check Show?

These checks offer employers a closer look at a candidate’s history. It goes beyond the resume and interview to provide useful information and insights into various aspects of an individual’s background. 

Let’s explore what a comprehensive check typically reveals:

  • Employment History

It includes meticulously reviewing a candidate’s professional career and confirming job details, positions, and employment duration. It also offers insights into job performance and reasons for leaving previous roles.

  • Education Verification

This component confirms a candidate’s educational credentials, encompassing degrees and certifications. It includes validating the institutions attended and the respective graduation dates.

  • Criminal Record

The employee criminal background check scrutinizes details about any criminal convictions, shedding light on the nature of offenses and evaluating their relevance to the applied position.

  • Reference Checks

Feedback from past employers, colleagues, or personal references provides practical information about a candidate’s work ethic and interpersonal skills.

  • Professional Licenses and Certifications

The background check verifies professional licenses and certifications essential for the applied position.

  • Identity Verification

Confirmation of a candidate’s identity is essential, safeguarding against identity fraud. This employee background screening involves cross-checking Social Security numbers and addresses.

  • Credit History

The background check delves into a candidate’s financial history, a crucial consideration for roles involving financial responsibilities. It provides insights into credit scores, aiding employers in assessing financial reliability.

  • Drug Test Results

For roles where a drug-free environment is paramount, the background check includes screening for the presence of illegal substances.

  • Driving Record

Relevant for positions involving driving responsibilities, it provides information on traffic violations, accidents, and license status.

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What Factors Do Employee Background Checks Consider?

When companies check a person’s background before hiring them, they look at many important things. These checks go through a lot, from where the person worked before to their education and past troubles. 

This section talks about the main things companies consider during these background checks.

1. Compliance with Regulations and Laws

Compliance with local, state, and federal regulations is paramount when conducting these background checks. Failure to follow or comply with these strict regulations can lead to serious legal consequences. It can also damage the company’s reputation. 

Organizations should work with legal experts or specialized employee background check services well-versed in current regulations to achieve compliance. 

2. Verification of Employment History

One of the fundamental aspects of a background check is verifying an applicant’s employment history. This process helps employers confirm the accuracy of the information the candidate provides on their resume or during interviews. 

Verifying past employment details ensures that a candidate possesses the relevant experience and skills claimed in their application. During this stage, employers focus on validating job titles, dates of employment, reasons for leaving, and overall performance. 

Contacting previous employers directly or using professional employee background check companies can streamline this process. It also gives employers an accurate overview of a candidate’s work history.

3. Education and Credential Verification

In addition to employment history, verifying a candidate’s educational background and credentials is essential. Misrepresenting academic qualifications can have serious consequences for the employee and the employer. 

Degrees, certifications, and licenses are often key prerequisites for certain positions. Confirming their validity is necessary to maintain the integrity of the hiring process.

Employers should request official transcripts or contact educational institutions to verify academic achievements. An employee background check service can also confirm that professional documents, licenses, and certifications are valid and up-to-date. 

4. Criminal Background Checks

Employers must build a safe working environment for all employees, clients, and stakeholders. Conducting criminal background checks helps identify past criminal activities that may pose a risk to the workplace.

When performing criminal background checks, it is essential to consider the relevance of the offense to the job in question. Certain convictions may be more relevant to specific roles, while others may be less significant. 

A fair and consistent approach to employee background verification ensures a thorough evaluation while upholding justice and equal opportunity principles.

Thus, employers must be mindful of local regulations regarding the usefulness of criminal history in employment decisions. This way, they can avoid potential discrimination issues.

5. Social Media Screening

Employers increasingly recognize the value of incorporating social media screening into their background check processes. They should focus on relevant and job-related information during social media screening. 

While it is essential to respect privacy boundaries, social media platforms can provide relevant insights into a candidate’s character and professionalism. That is why the best employee background check services go to these platforms to gather information.

The process may include assessing a candidate’s communication skills and cultural fit within the organization. It may also look into any red flags related to inappropriate behavior or comments.

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