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5 Surprising Reasons Not to Do a DIY Background Investigation

In this era, information is readily available at our fingertips. Hence, the temptation to undertake a do-it-yourself (DIY) background investigation is stronger than ever. 

Anyone can now access online databases and peruse public records to uncover details about others with a few clicks. However, beneath the surface of convenience lies many surprising reasons why a professional investigation is way better. 

The hidden challenges of personal investigations deserve careful consideration. This article explores the unexpected drawbacks that could make individuals reconsider pursuing a personal investigative journey. It also lists reasons to work with professional investigators instead.

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What is a Background Investigation?

It thoroughly examines an individual’s personal, professional, and sometimes financial history. Typically conducted by security services agencies, the purpose is to gather relevant information about a person to make informed decisions. 

These investigations can involve various aspects, such as checking criminal records, employment history, educational qualifications, credit reports, and social media activities.

These agencies use these investigations to vet individuals for security clearances. On the other hand, employers request employment background investigations as part of the hiring process. They use it to verify the accuracy of the information provided by job candidates.

Why You Should Not Perform a DIY Investigation

These DIY investigations serve valuable purposes in various contexts. But privacy laws and regulations need to be respected. Also, we have to consider the accuracy of the information obtained. 

Aside from that, here are other reasons why it isn’t encouraged to perform a DIY investigation.

1. Legal Implications

One of the most overlooked aspects of DIY background investigations is the potential legal ramifications. While digging into someone’s past may seem harmless, accessing certain information without authorization can lead to serious legal consequences. 

Privacy laws vary widely, and unauthorized access to someone’s financial, medical, or personal records may result in legal actions. In many jurisdictions, obtaining information about an individual without consent violates privacy laws. 

Sometimes, even attempting to obtain such information can be an offense. A professional background investigator conducts the investigative process within the boundaries of the law. It protects both the investigator and the subject from legal repercussions.

2. Lack of Expertise

Embarking on a personal investigation might seem straightforward. But the significant drawback of lacking expertise lies beneath the surface. 

Here’s why it matters:

  • Analytical Skills

Conducting a comprehensive investigation requires more than just collecting data. Professionals in the field undergo training to analyze various data points, cross-reference information, and draw accurate conclusions. 

  • Data Reliability

Trained background investigators know how to assess the reliability of sources. Not all information available online is accurate or up-to-date. Without expertise, individuals may unknowingly rely on biased or outdated data, leading to incorrect judgments.

  • Interpreting Patterns

Recognizing patterns in the information is crucial. Professionals can identify correlations and connections that elude an untrained eye. Lack of expertise can result in misjudgments, potentially impacting personal relationships or professional decisions.

3. Accuracy and Reliability

Another surprising reason to avoid DIY investigations is the potential for inaccuracies and unreliable information. 

The background investigation process involves accessing online databases with loads of data. However, the accuracy of this information may sometimes be questionable. 

Professional investigators can verify information through multiple sources. Additionally, they have access to restricted databases and understand how to cross-reference data to create a comprehensive and accurate picture. 

4. Invasion of Privacy

DIY investigators may inadvertently cross ethical boundaries by delving too deeply into someone’s personal life. Invasion of privacy can strain relationships and lead to legal consequences.

Professional background investigation companies adhere to ethical guidelines and focus on obtaining only relevant and lawful information. Moreover, they know how to balance the need for information with respect for individuals’ privacy rights. 

By hiring a professional, individuals can avoid inadvertently intruding into someone’s personal space and maintain ethical conduct throughout the investigation.

5. Emotional Toll

Embarking on a DIY investigation can affect one’s emotional well-being. In addition, uncovering unexpected or distressing information about someone can be emotionally challenging, especially without the guidance of a professional. 

Professional background investigation services can handle the emotional aspects of their work. On top of that, they understand the potential impact of their findings and can communicate information responsibly. 



Why You Should Hire a Professional

Embarking on the journey of gathering information about someone might be enticing. Still, hiring a professional is a prudent choice. Here’s why:

  • Legal Know-How

Professionals are well-versed in privacy laws and regulations. Hiring a professional ensures that the information is gathered through legal means, minimizing the risk of legal repercussions. 

This legal knowledge can be beneficial in scenarios like a single-scope background investigation. Here, professionals must meet specific legal requirements to maintain the integrity and admissibility of the gathered information.

  • Analytical Proficiency

Professionals bring a wealth of analytical skills to the table. They can sift through loads of information. Furthermore, they can distinguish relevant details from the noise and provide a comprehensive and accurate picture.

  • Time and Efficiency

Conducting a thorough investigation demands time and effort. Professionals streamline the process, efficiently navigating various channels to provide you with the necessary information without unnecessary delays.

  • Ethical Considerations

Ethical behavior is paramount in any investigative process. The best background investigation companies adhere to strict ethical standards in gathering information.

  • Access to Exclusive Resources

Licensed professionals often have access to exclusive databases and resources that are not readily available to the general public. 

  • Objective Perspective

Professionals maintain objectivity throughout the investigation, presenting the facts without personal biases. This impartiality is crucial in making well-informed decisions based on accurate information.

Uncover Truth Safely with Professional Assistance

Embarking on a DIY investigation might appear straightforward, but unforeseen challenges may come. So, benefit from ADC’s background investigation expertise. We offer a service that simplifies and significantly enhances your investigative journey.

ADC’s professional team obtains information within the confines of the law, providing a secure foundation for your investigation. This legal expertise protects you from potential complications from unauthorized or questionable information gathering.

We safeguard your interests and uncover the truth effectively. Trust us to elevate your investigative experience. Contact us today to know more!