New York Background Check

ADC is a dependable New York background check provider. We empower you with informed choices. Count on us for reliable and prompt service.

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ADC: Your Number One Pre-employment Background Checker in New York

Leveraging speed, quality, and efficiency, our experienced team aids in making more intelligent, faster hiring decisions. Hire top talents and keep attrition rates low for your New York-based company through ADC’s New York background check services.

Thoroughly vetting applicants through verification of work history, educational qualifications, and relevant experience confirms their credentials and experience. It raises the caliber of hires and fosters a safer work environment. 

We are dedicated to identity verification and validation of credentials, financial background, criminal history, and employment records. It ensures the hiring of only the most qualified individuals who are best suited for the role. Our advanced screening tools guarantee the accuracy of information provided by applicants. 

Selecting the appropriate security services in New York is crucial for well-informed hiring decisions. At ADC, we take great pride in our comprehensive and meticulous background screening services, which provide information in a timely and efficient manner. 

Learn more about our extensive New York background checks. Partnering with ADC allows you to secure top talent through rigorous validation of applicant information.

Our Process

Our dedicated team of experts focuses on aiding you in making accurate hiring choices. We meticulously conduct thorough background screening in New York (and other states) for all candidates, customizing our bespoke process to align with your specific needs, thus reducing potential risks for your company.

In doing so, we verify the following information:


During the first phase of our background screening process, we prioritize confirming the candidate’s identity. Our methods for identity verification involve various techniques, such as collecting identity cards and cross-referencing primary documents to validate the authenticity of the candidate’s identity.


ADC’s comprehensive background checks in New York diligently evaluate your candidate’s credentials, validating the authenticity of their work experience, educational qualifications, and professional affiliations listed in their resume. 

This meticulous and tedious process plays a crucial role in aiding your company in achieving its objectives and upholding its reputation for hiring exceptionally qualified individuals.

Employment History

We contact a candidate’s former or current employers to gather essential information, such as employment durations, job titles, salary details, reasons for leaving, and their eligibility for rehire.


Financial History

Effortlessly obtain brief yet detailed credit reports containing data on active accounts, payment records, public filings, and the candidate’s current financial standing.


Criminal Record

As part of our New York criminal background check process, we assist in discovering relevant details regarding criminal records, instances of sexual harassment, and any financial or professional penalties.

Why Choose ADC New York?

Our clients in New York continue to rely on ADC due to our steadfast commitment to customized client services. We stand ready to assist with a phone call or online request, fully prepared to offer the support and direction needed. 

Many clients value our prompt response times, enabling faster and better-informed hiring decisions. Through our New York background check services, expect reports and updates on the status of requests to be conveniently delivered via email, streamlining the decision process. 

We invite you to work with us.