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ADC provides dependable agriculture industry background check services. Trust your workforce. Explore our screening services today.

Agriculture Industry Background Check Services

ADC offers agriculture industry background check and screening services.

Our services are ideal for vetting seasonal employees before harvest and simplifying the hiring process. 

We cater to small farmers and large agricultural organizations, enabling faster and more straightforward hiring within a reasonable budget.

Through our entirely online services, clients gain crucial insights to make informed hiring decisions, reducing instances of workplace theft, embezzlement, violence, and sexual harassment. 

ADC provides intelligence and analytics necessary for agricultural organizations to manage risks associated with hiring and retaining talent effectively.

Gold Standard in Agriculture Industry Employee Verification — Ensuring Customer Safety

ADC offers tailored background checks for the agriculture industry. Our services encompass customized reports, billing structures, and order configurations to suit each business’s needs.

ADC’s comprehensive background checks are designed for swift and accurate identification of candidates aligned with your agricultural company’s values and requirements.  Conducting a sex offender and criminal records search is essential, mainly due to the proximity of working unsupervised with the public.


Benefits of Employment Screening in the Agriculture Industry

You may still be on the fence about hiring the services of background checkers for the agriculture sector. Here are some advantages to point you in the right direction. 

  • Ensuring Contractor Reliability in Agriculture

We prioritize confirming the trustworthiness of contractors and vendors for our clients in the agriculture sector. Our dedicated background checks for the agriculture industry assist in meeting recruitment requirements for dependable partners and part-time staff.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology Solutions

Leverage tailored background checks for the agriculture industry — define your needs, and we’ll handle the rest. Our streamlined approach delivers rapid results, allowing you to focus on sustaining a thriving agricultural business.


  • Industry-Specific Screening

Our highly secure platform ensures seamless compliance with agricultural industry regulations. With a legacy of 30 years, we’ve cultivated deep expertise and an unwavering commitment to compliance standards within the agricultural sector.

  • Comprehensive Management Screening

Beyond screening front-line workers, we emphasize scrutinizing management and executive personnel. Our services encompass an agriculture industry criminal background check, employment verification, education validation, licensing, affiliations, sanctions, and other necessary verification for a thorough assessment.

  • Stringent Privacy Measures

The outcome of our background checks for agriculture workers and your information remains confidential within our organization. We only share it when necessary for requested consumer reports or as mandated by court orders. Rest assured, third parties handling this information adhere strictly to our privacy policy.

  • Responsive Customer Support

Our dedicated customer support team is here for you and your agriculture background check candidates. We’re readily available to address questions and provide guidance, ensuring a seamless experience.


Tailored Solutions for the Agriculture Industry

ADC provides customized background checks for agriculture employees, including farm, ranch, and agricultural staff. We serve operations of all sizes, adapting reports, billing, and orders to suit each business’s unique requirements.

Mitigating risks commences with proactive background checks for agricultural workers. ADC’s swift agricultural background checks and drug screenings aid in filtering out incompatible candidates and identifying those who resonate with your company values.

Due to the public-facing aspect of many agricultural roles, we conduct essential sex offender and criminal records searches.

Equipping You with Relevant Insights

ADC specializes in background checks for the agriculture sector. Our team comprises former agriculture industry professionals, bringing profound industry expertise.

We facilitate drug screenings and agriculture industry background check solutions for businesses of all sizes, collaborating with clients to manage their specific risks effectively. Let us handle the background checks for every prospective hire in the agriculture sector.

With over 30 years of extensive involvement and experience in the background-checking industry, we understand our customers’ needs.